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Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
junixsocket-common The public, core API
junixsocket-tipc The junixsocket implementation for AF_TIPC sockets
junixsocket-server A server-environment supporting Unix sockets
junixsocket-rmi RMI over Unix sockets
junixsocket-mysql Access MySQL databases over Unix sockets
junixsocket-core The core system dependency; the one you want to add to your project
junixsocket-demo Some example code to demo junixsocket's features
junixsocket-dist Builds a distribution of junixsocket, for the folks without Maven
junixsocket-codecoverage Code coverage
junixsocket-native The native JNI library
junixsocket-native-cross Builds multiple junixsocket native libraries using different profiles
junixsocket-native-custom Binaries of the native JNI library for a custom platform
junixsocket-native-common Binaries of the native JNI library for common platforms
junixsocket-jetty junixsocket for Jetty
junixsocket-selftest Runs junixsocket's unit tests as a selftest