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General remarks

Please try to use the latest version.

When upgrading from versions older than 2.4.0, please note that junixsocket-core is now a POM-only artifact (<type>pom</type>); see Add junixsocket to your project for details.

Noteworthy changes

Users of junixsocket are strongly advised to upgrade to version 2.9.0 or newer

(2024-04-05) junixsocket 2.9.1

  • Fix ignored timeouts for Mysql-specific AFUNIXDatabaseSocketFactoryCJ
  • Fix GraalVM configuration, support AFUNIXSocketFactory for native-image
  • Fix compatibility with jetty 12.0.7
  • Fix unnecessary failures in some tests, error handling in selftest
  • Improve SocketException handling (throw SocketClosedException subclass upon accept error)
  • Make native library code compile on Minix
  • Add availability check of abstract namespace on emulated Linux environments (BSD)
  • Add junixsocket-demo-jpackagejlink artifact to show how to use jpackage/jlink with junixsocket
  • Update crossclang scripts, fix compatibility with Xcode 15.3
  • Code cleanup

(2024-02-14) junixsocket 2.9.0

  • Add generic socket fallback for FileDescriptors received from other processes
  • Add “dup”/“dup2” support via FileDescriptorCast.duplicating
  • Add listen/accept support to AFDatagramSocket, so we can serve SEQPACKETs
  • Add more SocketException subclasses (such as BrokenPipe-/ConnectionResetSocketException)
  • Add support to make shutdown-upon-close configurable
  • Add support for undocumented “ECLOSED” (errno 3417) condition on IBM i PASE
  • Add test for the “close-during-accept” condition
  • Fix native library loading for AIX/IBM i on Java 15 and newer
  • Fix blocking state when using FileDescriptorCast
  • Fix Don't mark requirements transient (annotations, mysql connector)
  • Fix TIPC tests on some old environments (which didn't time out)
  • Fix compilation for z/OS 32-bit
  • Fix AFServerSocketChannel.getLocalAddress to return AFSocketAddress subclass
  • Fix unnecessary failures in some tests, error handling in selftest
  • Fix “force override” path parsing for native library on Windows
  • Update build/plugin/test/demo dependencies
  • Update crossclang scripts; no longer requires root to install Xcode components
  • Improve error handling on broken Java VMs (e.g., IBM Semeru 8.0.7 and older)
  • Improve demo code, use slf4j-simple for logging
  • Code cleanup

Backwards-incompatible change: Some AFSocket classes are now final or no longer declare constructor exceptions.

(2023-11-12) junixsocket 2.8.3

  • Fix concurrency issue with AFSocketServerConnector, AFSelectionKey; take two
  • Fix regression introduced in 2.8.2 that leaked FileDescriptors
  • Reduce allocation overhead during select

(2023-10-27) junixsocket 2.8.2 (do not use; has a regression)

  • Fix concurrency issue with AFSocketServerConnector, AFSelectionKey

(2023-09-29) junixsocket 2.8.1

  • Fix UnsatisfiedLinkError with noexec temporary directory on RHEL 9 and others

(2023-09-28) junixsocket 2.8.0

  • Java 7 support is back! (junixsocket-common only, as it was before version 2.5.0)
  • Fix AFSocket shutdown to ignore InvalidSocketException upon setTimeout
  • Fix two potential hangs in selftest
  • Fix loading of the native library when running under macOS Rosetta 2
  • Fix a potential exception when trying to serialize an AFRMISocketFactory
  • Fix a potential race condition when working with native addresses
  • Fix a potential crash in TIPC code when compiling the native library against an old Linux SDK
  • Improve AFSocketServer, add new methods
  • Improve crossclang to support Xcode 15
  • Enable RMI support for GraalVM native-image; selftest now passes without issues
  • Add junixsocket-ssl, to simplify securing junixsocket connections
  • Requires Java 17 to build (and JDK 8 if Java 7 support is desired); build instructions have changed

(2023-09-15) junixsocket 2.7.2

  • Fix SelectionKey logic (regression introduced in 2.7.1)
  • Fix selftest-android dependency (some tests would always fail)
  • Improve AFSocketAddress creation, skip DNS resolution on Android
  • Add demo code for interacting with Apache Mina and Netty
  • Code cleanup

(2023-09-09) junixsocket 2.7.1

  • Fix openDatagramChannelPair (was using STREAM instead of DGRAM), add AFSocketType support
  • Fix availability of AF_SYSTEM capability on Darwin
  • Improve exception handling for “EPROTOTYPE” error on z/OS
  • Improve SelectionKey logic, reduce locking/GC overhead
  • Improve “unsupported operation” handling in native code
  • Improve handling of “test aborted, but not really an issue”
  • Add unit tests for Jetty 12
  • Code cleanup, update dependencies

(2023-08-04) junixsocket 2.7.0

  • New supported platform (out of the box): Android (aarch64, arm-linux-androideabi, x86_64, i686)
  • New platforms that can be used when building the native library from source: Haiku, IBM z/TPF
  • Add selftest GUI app for Android (“junixsocket-selftest-android”)
  • Add ability to get native file descriptor number via FileDescriptorCast
  • Add AFSocketCapability for “large port numbers” (larger than 65535)
  • Add support to convert UnixDomainSocketAddress to AFUNIXSocketAddress (Java 16+)
  • Add support for AF_SYSTEM (macOS), which allows creating your own VPN via utun, for example.
  • Add initial support for SOCK_SEQPACKET/SOCK_RDM/SOCK_RAW
  • Fix potential data corruption when sending non-direct ByteBuffers larger than 8192 bytes
  • Fix potential data corruption when receiving non-direct ByteBuffers with non-zero position
  • Fix intermittent hangs when sending datagrams on macOS, BSD
  • Fix “org.eclipse.jdt.annotation” JPMS module: no longer required at runtime
  • Fix Exception messages from native code being empty in some Linux environments
  • Fix selftest failing for vsock in some Linux environments
  • Improve JNI library lookup; load from user.home/user.dir if tmpfs is mounted with noexec
  • Improve concurrency performance for RMI over Unix domain sockets
  • Improve reliability on exotic environments
  • Update dependencies, improve tests, selftest, build scripts
  • Require Java 16 to build (still supports running on Java 8 and newer)
  • Last but not least: junixsocket finally has a logo!

(2022-02-08) junixsocket 2.6.2

  • Add socket connectors for AF_VSOCK, Firecracker
  • Add mayStopServerForce to AFSocketServerConnector
  • Fix false-positive selftest failure on slow machines
  • Fix potential hang in send
  • Fix support for TIPC/VSOCK when building GraalVM native images
  • Fix serialization of AFSocketAddresses
  • Update dependencies, especially use the new mysql.connector.j

(2022-10-26) junixsocket 2.6.1

  • Add AFSocket.checkConnectionClosed to probe connection status
  • Fix connection status checks and error handling
  • Fix bind behavior on Windows, support re-bind with reuseAddress
  • Fix and improve unit tests/selftests, remove several false-positive errors found in the wild (Azure Cloudshell/Microsoft CBL-Mariner 2.0, Amazon EC2, OpenBSD, etc.)
  • Fix SimpleTestServer demo, actually counting now to 5, not 6.
  • Make builds reproducible, align timestamps with git commit

(2022-10-14) junixsocket 2.6.0

  • Add support for GraalVM native-image
  • Add support for native-image selftest
  • Add support for AF_VSOCK (on Linux, and some macOS VMs)
  • Reintroduce deprecated legacy constructors for AFUNIXSocketAddress that were removed in 2.5.0.
  • Parent POM has been renamed from junixsocket-parent to junixsocket

(2022-10-06) junixsocket 2.5.2

  • Fix address handling in the Abstract Namespace
  • Fix support for very large datagrams (> 1MB)
  • Fix InetAddress-wrapping of long addresses
  • Update Xcode support script, crossclang
  • Bump postgresql version in demo code
  • Fix dependency for custom architecture artifact

(2022-07-01) junixsocket 2.5.1

  • Add support for IBM z/OS (experimental, binary not included)
  • Add support for building from source on arm64-Linux
  • Add junixsocket support for jetty via junixsocket-jetty
  • Fix Selector logic (more bug fixes)
  • Documentation updates

(2022-06-06) junixsocket 2.5.0

  • New supported platforms: AIX 7 Power64, IBM i Power64, Windows ARM64, Windows Server 2019 & 2022
  • Generic rework to support more than just Unix Domain sockets
  • Add support for AF_TIPC (on Linux)
  • Add support for using sockets passed as standard input
  • Add support for address-specific, non-standard URIs (for example unix:// and tipc://), as well as socat addresses
  • Add support for using FileDescriptor for ProcessBuilder Redirects (Java 9+)
  • Add support for peer credentials (PID) on Windows
  • Fix Selector logic
  • Fix cross-compilation on Apple Silicon
  • Fix a file descriptor leak (regression in 2.4.0)
  • Improve behavior on partially unsupported platforms and allow loading of Windows 10 native library on other Windows versions (e.g., Windows Server 2022, Windows 8.1).
  • Javadoc improvements, Code cleanup
  • Deprecate AFUNIXSocketCapability in favor of AFSocketCapability
  • Drop support for Java 7

Backwards-incompatible change: new AFUNIXSocketAddress(File) constructor has been dropped; use 2.6.0 or newer if you can't change the source code.

(2021-07-30) junixsocket 2.4.0

  • New supported platforms: NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD (AMD64-builds included by default)
  • Add support for Datagram sockets
  • Add support for non-blocking I/O, Java NIO SocketChannel, DatagramChannel, ByteBuffer, Selector, Pipe, etc.
  • Add support for socketpair (with IP-based emulation on Windows)
  • Add support for casting FileDescriptors to Socket, etc.
  • Add support for Peer Credentials on Solaris/Illumos
  • Improved creation and reuse of AFUNIXSocketAddress instances
  • Add basic support to wrap an AFUNIXSocketAddress as an InetAddress
  • Add fast-path for single-byte read/write
  • Significant internal code refactoring and cleanup (both Java and native C code)
  • AFUNIXRegistry lookup can now take a timeout parameter (to coordinate between starting processes)
  • Replaced the “finalize” logic with a custom Cleaner for Java 9 and above
  • Fixed compatibility issue with OkHttpClient, add demo code
  • Fixed a race condition when connecting to a registry that's just starting up.
  • More test cases, increased unit test code coverage
  • Simplified local compilation on non-macOS/Linux systems.
  • Improved selftest
  • Maven Dependency: junixsocket-core is now a POM-only artifact (<type>pom</type>).

(2021-05-30) junixsocket 2.3.4

  • Fix bind/stat on glibc-based Linux on aarch64 and RISC-V (regression from 2.3.2)

(2021-04-15) junixsocket 2.3.3

  • Add support for aarch64 on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Improved throughput by up to 40% by removing some JNI overhead (now on par with JEP380)
  • Fix “undefined symbol: stat” error on older Linux machines
  • Fix self-test on Windows; add more system information to selftest
  • Fix LICENSE/NOTICE files (no license change, just reorganization)
  • Fix build issues with RISC-V (use LLVM 9)
  • Fix build issues on macOS
  • Improve handling of ancillary receive buffers
  • Add a new system property to control what happens when the library override fails to load
  • Add an Xcode project to simplify cross-compilation; improved crossclang

(2020-03-08) junixsocket 2.3.2

  • Add support for FreeBSD (Intel 64-bit)
  • Fix an NPE when junixsocket is on the bootstrap classloader
  • Fix AcceptTimeoutTest#testCatchTimeout (selftest would sometimes erroneously fail)

(2020-01-16) junixsocket 2.3.1

  • Add support for Java 15
  • Increase minimum version requirement for macOS to 10.9 to comply with notarization requirements
  • Improved error reporting upon trying to connect an already closed socket
  • Improved error reporting when a compiler binary is missing for cross-compilation

(2019-12-26) junixsocket 2.3.0

  • Add support for Java 14
  • Add support for Java 7 (core/server package only)
  • Add support for ppc64le (POWER) Linux
  • Add support for RISC-V 64-bit Linux
  • Add support for s390x Linux
  • Add support for Solaris x86/OpenIndiana (Intel 64-bit)
  • Add support to send FileDescriptors (FileInputStream, FileOutputStream) via RMI
  • Add support to retrieve peer credentials for RMI connections
  • Add new self-test functionality to verify that junixsocket works on a given platform
  • New demo code: HTTP Server over Unix sockets (using NanoHTTPD)
  • macOS: Use poll for read; fix read timeout not being honored
  • musl-libc: Workaround for segmentation fault in CMSG_NXTHDR (ancillary messages).
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements

(2019-11-14) junixsocket 2.2.1

  • Add support for Java 13

(2019-02-17) junixsocket 2.2.0

  • New supported platform: Linux ARM 32-bit and 64-bit (e.g., Raspberry Pi)
  • New supported platform: Windows 10 AMD64
  • Add support for receiving peer credentials
  • Add support for sending and receiving file descriptors
  • Add support for the abstract namespace on Linux and Windows
  • Add AFUNIXSocketServer, a multi-threaded UNIX domain server implementation
  • Introduced AFUNIXSocketCapabilities to check which capabilities are supported on your platform
  • AFUNIXServerSocket#setReuseAddress can now control whether reusing an existing socket is permitted
  • Exception handling: No longer wrap SocketExceptions, throw SocketTimeoutException upon EAGAIN for read
  • Improve handling of closed sockets
  • Improved native library loader code, better error handling
  • Improved handling of libc alternatives, such as musl (we now build two different libraries, one that's linked against glibc, and one that isn't)
  • JNI: Fix some missing return-after-throw, use-after-free in bind
  • Properly close file descriptors upon errors in native code; unlink before bind
  • Ask to not raise SIGPIPE
  • Introduced “crossclang”: junixsocket can now be cross-compiled with clang/LLVM
  • Improved demo code, new demo client

(2018-12-29) junixsocket 2.1.2

  • Add AFUNIXSocketFactory, support for PostgreSQL
  • Add support for new MySQL Connector/J SocketFactory
  • Prevent a case of file descriptor leakage
  • Handle EINTR errors from system calls

(2018-12-26) junixsocket 2.1.1

  • Support for Java 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Building junixsocket requires Java 9 or later
  • Jigsaw module support
  • New Native library loading mechanism
  • Validate that socket exists before trying to connect
  • Replaced AFUNIXSocketException with SocketException
  • Throw InterruptedIOException upon interrupt during write
  • Properly discard reference to file descriptor upon close
  • Add system property to override the default directory for RMI sockets
  • Properly handle timeout during ServerSocket#accept
  • Additional range checks for array offsets
  • Script to run the demos from the command-line
  • Documentation updates
  • Updated Maven dependencies

(2014-09-29) junixsocket 2.0.1

  • Bugfix: Add byte array bounds checking to read/write methods.
  • Fix C compiler warnings
  • Remove synchronized byte[] array for single-byte reads/writes.

(2014-09-28) junixsocket 2.0.0

  • Move from Google Code to GitHub.
  • Use Maven as the build system, code is distributed to the Maven Central repository.
  • Build native C code using nar-maven-plugin, and load JNI libraries native-lib-loader

(2013-02-20) junixsocket 1.4

  • Fix InetSocketAddress.port issue with recent JDK
  • Fix setOption: SO_RCVBUF and SO_SNDBUF take integers
  • Fix native library load issue on RHEL4 32-bit
  • Fix some test failures

(2010-08-11) junixsocket 1.3

  • Solaris support
  • InputStream#available() may now return values > 0
  • Added explicit mapping of values
  • Fixed “protocol not available” and “invalid argument” errors occuring in rare cases
  • Improved some warnings and error messages
  • Improved build process, can now skip building for 32/64 bit

(2010-04-22) junixsocket 1.2

  • Bugfixes and improvements
  • MySQL unix socket factory now available as a separate jar (and with demo code)
  • Now compiles under FreeBSD
  • Initial support for Tru64
  • Improved handling of stale socket files

(2009-12-03) junixsocket 1.1

  • Bugfixes and improvements

(2009-08-28) junixsocket 1.0

  • Initial release

See the commit log for more details.