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Developing with Xcode

The recommended editor for working with the native C code is Xcode. Even for non-Apple targets.

This works thanks to crossclang, also see Cross-compiling junixsocket.


In order to develop with Xcode, using crossclang, you need to install a custom Xcode SDK.

Run the following script from the Terminal, which creates a symbolic link under ~/Library/Developer/Toolchains to the crossclang.sdk, which essentially tells Xcode to use our “crossclang” clang wrapper script instead of its built-in version, among other things.


You then need to:

  1. Restart Xcode
  2. Set the Toolchain to “crossclang” (via Xcode -> Toolchains…, or via a button in the launch window)
  3. Open junixsocket-native.xcodeproj
  4. Run “Clean Build Folder”
  5. Run “Build”

Note that you need to switch back to the default Xcode Toolchain when you develop other projects.

Building from the command-line

AFter installing the “crossclang” Toolchain, you can also build from the command-line. In this case, you don't have to switch the Toolchain via Xcode:

xcodebuild -project junixsocket-native/junixsocket-native.xcodeproj -configuration Release \
    -target "All Architectures" -toolchain crossclang USE_HEADERMAP=NO \
    CURRENT_ARCH=undefined_arch arch=undefined_arch ARCHS=arm64 CODE_SIGNING_ALLOWED=NO \
    clean build